Touch wood開啟指尖寬廣的感覺


​​︱德國把 Touch Wood 當成兒童養成的必要元素​​︱

Hamburg, a city largely defined by its brick architecture, recently passed a new building regulation which stipulated that all new children’s daycare centers built within the city boundaries must be constructed of wood. The reasoning behind this measure is clear: Children are the most sensitive users of architecture, and wood is a material with child-like characteristics; it is natural, captivating and emotional.

Touch Wood entices readers to do just what the title says. Wood is a material that begs to be touched. It is held in high regard for its integrity and warmth. Wood is a natural material, and most likely it was the first material used by humans in a systematic and constructive way to create dwellings and functional buildings. But wood has far greater significance. For many architects buildings with wood represents both a philosophy and a great challenge.


正如本書書名Touch Wood 所提示,木邀人觸摸親撫,它擁有高尚純淨的質感、溫馨而親和。是純天然的素材,而且可能也是最早被人類廣面應用於建築的素材。但木的意義絕不僅此,對許多建築師而言,木建築不只是一種生活哲學,更是一種高尚的挑戰。

摘自“ Touch Wood, The Rediscovery of a Building Material” 建築專刊
printed in 2008, by Verlagshaus Braun, Germany ,

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